keywi CleanBoard

The super-slim PC keyboard for medical technology

If you are searching for a clean alternative to standard PC keyboards, then our CleanBoard is a perfect fit. The already integrated numeric keypad and mousepad allow for rapid data entry. With a fully sealed surface, germs and viruses don’t stand a chance. Additionally, the keyboard can be cleaned quickly and easily at any time, using common disinfectants. The CleanBoard might also be considered a medical keyboard.

Especially when applied in hygiene-sensitive areas, such as medical offices, the integrated disinfection interval will remind the user of regular cleaning. After a preset operating time has passed, the LED display will indicate that it is time for the CleanBoard to be cleaned again. If there is just not enough time to clean the unit, the LED will signal another reminder after the second operating time has passed.

Once it is time to disinfect the keyboard, a key combination will set the so-called “clean-function”, which disables the mousepad and keys. The same key combination will also unlock the keyboard after cleaning and reset the disinfection interval.

Acoustic feedback for every keystroke, provided through built-in speakers, can be easily turned on/off. The click volume can also be adjusted and the mousepad locked/unlocked, depending on the application.

Your personalized CleanBoard:
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