The standard keyboards for special areas of application

More contaminated than a toilet seat - unfortunately, what seems like a headline from the tabloid press at first glance is the sad truth. A variety of studies have shown that PC keyboards are a breading ground for bacteria. Which may only be uncomfortable for private use can create a dangerous environment at medical offices and hospitals. A common PC keyboard is difficult to clean, which usually results in entire armies of microorganisms. 

The keywi products by Hoffmann + Krippner provide a solution to this threat. Antimicrobial film surfaces integrated into the standard MediBoards prevent further cell growth and cell reproduction. The antimicrobial effect is guaranteed for 15 years, as confirmed by independent tests (AATCC Test Method 100).

The keyboards are splash-proof according to IP 65 and, therefore, easy and fast to clean and resistant to many forms of alcohol, dilluted acids and alkalis, disinfectants, hydrocarbons, ketons, household cleaners, oils and fats.

The tactile key domes (GT Technology) featured on the MediBoard developed by H+K using a patented process, and the capacitive mousepad ensure simple operation - with and without gloves. This makes the keywi PC keyboard ideal for medical applications where data input is needed. 

The CleanBoard is an affordable option with integrated cleaning intervals and features a LED disinfection reminder. This is an effective method to assure strict hygiene regulations. 

Special requirements demand special solutions. The keywi keyboards are ideal for medical abd food processing applications.