keywi Mini-CleanBoard

The compact PC keyboard for medical technology

If a standard keyboard simply takes up too much space, our Mini-CleanBoard provides the same functionality of the CleanBoard in a more compact design. This keyboard also features a fully sealed surface for easy cleaning using common disinfectants as well as an interval disinfection reminder. After preset operating times have passed, the LED display will regularly remind you to clean the keyboard. Thus germs and viruses don’t stand a chance even in hygiene-sensitive environments (such as doctors’ offices). A simple key combination triggers the so-called “clean function” and locks the keyboard and mousepad for the cleaning period. As the keyboard is unlocked, the interval automatically restarts.

If the convenience of an integrated mousepad is appealing, however, the numeric keypad is not a necessity, the Mini-CleanBoard is the ideal solution. The keyboard is Plug & Play enabled, thus ready to be used without any installation requirements. Acoustic feedback can be turned on/off and adjusted in volume. The mousepad can be individually locked, based on application preference.

The small medical keyboard provides great performance.

Your personalized Mini-CleanBoard:
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